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Pro Landscapers' Guide to Quick Landscape Improvements When Selling Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home this spring? Many Americans choose to list their homes for sale in Spring over any other season. We have gathered a list if quick and inexpensive improvements you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Add some color

You can quickly improve your home’s curb appeal by adding shrubs, perennials and annual flowers. Flowering perennials and annuals will add pops of color and texture. They are usually less expensive than shrubs and trees. You can even add some fresh potted plants on your porch or by your front door.

You can also add trees and shrubs to hide the “ugly” views. You can add a shrub to hide your water meter or plant a tree to block the view of your neighbor’s garbage cans.

You should also replace any dead or dying plants.

Trim & Prune

Trim any overgrown plants. If you have plant material that is blocking a window or encroaching over the sidewalk, they should be removed or trimmed.

Keep the Lawn Green

When trying to sell your home, be sure to keep the lawn as green as possible. If you have an irrigation system, be sure to use it. Keep the lawn mowed and weed free. You may want to hire a lawn company to apply a weed & fertilizer application. If you want to treat the weeds yourself, you can apply a broadleaf herbicide. Do not use RoundUP and be sure to only spray on a calm, wind-free day.

Top Dress Wood Mulch

If you have any landscape beds around the house with wood mulch, you may want to add a fresh new layer. Over time the wood mulch will decompose or even blow away, by adding a fresh inch or two, you will bring the level of mulch back up to the recommended height (4-5” deep) and return it to it’s fresh, bright color.

Weed Removal

Whether your landscape if full of weeds or there is only a few, it is important to clean them up. If you only have a few weeds, they can simply be picked or raked out. If your landscape bed if full of weeds, you can apply a weed killer. Be careful not to apply any herbicide to your plants, as that will kill them also.


If you have a patio area in your backyard, be sure to set up your patio furniture and make the space feel comfortable. This would be a great spot to add some pots with flowering annuals.

Clean up the Yard

Remove tree branches and leaves. If you have a dog, clean up the droppings regularly. Remove or repair anything that is broken, including broken or bent down spouts, siding, etc.

Features such as patios and a fence can add value to your home, but if they are in poor condition, buyers will see something they have to add money into repairs. If you have any broken concrete, sunken pavers or a wobbly fence, you should repair them.

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